Introduction of the company

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Telčská strojírenská, a.s.

Telčská strojírenská, a.s., was established as an entirely Czech-owned company on 1 March 2004. Nowadays, Telčská strojírenská, a.s., is with its potential of 150 employees at the forefront among the companies in the Region of Telč, both in terms of employment and production volumes.

Production history

The history of machinery manufacture in Telč goes back to the 19th century when boilermaker’s and coppersmith’s workshops were established. These workshops expand their manufacturing activities by distilling equipment and farming machines; the manufacture of fire engines with their own construction of four-stroke motors and pumps is very significant manufacture in the region of Telč. At that time, these engines were simple, practical and high-quality machines with high performance.

With the technological development of the 20th century, development of the automotive industry and compression-ignition engines, the machine manufacture in Telč was expanded by the manufacture of components for injection devices and their accessories.



Production profile

  • manufacture of precision turned parts for the automotive industry (from bars, profiles, forged and cast pieces) with the class of accuracy IT6 and higher
  • manufacture of high-pressure valves for the automotive industry
  • manufacture of tools and jigs

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